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Take your network to the next level with Barracuda eoN

Just when you thought Barracuda Networks couldn't get any more awesome, we show up at Interop with Barracuda eoN.

Prepare to geek out, because This.  Just.  Rocks.

Barracuda eoN is a brand new virtualization platform for running and managing Barracuda Vx machines.  Put simply, it gives you bare metal performance for network applications such as the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Vx, Barracuda SSL VPN Vx, Barracuda Web Filter Vx, Barracuda NG Firewall Vx, and the Barracuda Web Application Firewall Vx.  It also supports several partner apps, including Skybox, Splunk, and more.



The Barracuda eoN is a rock-solid, telco-grade box with massive compute density, ultra-efficient software architecture, and a network-based hypervisor for I/O and application virtualization.  What all of this means to you is that the typical "virtualization drag" that you experience with other platforms simply will not happen here.  Consolidate as many of your Vx machines here as you want:  eoN will isolate the workloads and pass traffic to your apps at line-rate speed.  

And did I mention centralized management?  Barracuda eoN takes this to a new level.  Check out the screenshots: 

Barracuda eoN home page


Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Vx Console


Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Vx management launched within eoN console


You can see the potential just from the screenshots.  If you want to get your hands on this product, you can start with our live demo.  Click here to log in.

If you want more info, check out these resources:


If you'd like more information on Barracuda eoN, get in touch through our website, or connect with us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter or Google +.