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Securing the power of the collaborative Internet through discovery, policy control and archiving for compliance

By Sanjay Ramnath, Director of Product Management

Announcing Barracuda Web Filter Firmware 6.0

Web 2.0 usage, particularly social media, has evolved from a leisure activity to an integral part of business. Organizations of all sizes use sites like Facebook and Twitter as advertising platforms and for viral marketing. While social media sites and applications enable rich user interaction and collaboration they also negatively impact productivity, network performance and expose the network to threats like social media scams, identity theft, Trojans, phishing attacks, botnets, cyber-bullying and data leakage. IT Administrators have to allow social media in the workplace while restricting inappropriate content and activities. With Barracuda Web Filter Firmware 6.0, the Barracuda Web Filter provides application control and monitoring features to enable organizations to safely use social media in the workplace. Web Application Control: IT Administrators can now allow selective access to social media content while restricting non-productive activities. For example, administrators can set policies that allows communication with clients but limits  public exposure by allowing employees to read Facebook posts, update profiles and respond to messages but prevent them from submitting wall posts, comments, “like” posts, “follow” flags or play games. Content policies can ensure that employees’ social media communications conform to an organization’s guidelines and protect the network from viruses and malware. Web Application Monitoring: As organizations embrace social media in creative and engaging ways, there is a growing need to capture, preserve, search and produce communications from these channels for forensic inquiries. This is particularly relevant for financial and educational institutions where social media abuse can lead to liability issues or foster undesirable activities like cyber-bullying. Firmware 6.0 provides turn-key features to monitor social media communications across a spectrum of social media, web chat protocols and web mail. This content can be forwarded to Barracuda Message Archiver where it is indexed and readily available for eDiscovery, audits and pro-active monitoring via alerts. SSL Inspection: Barracuda Web Filter firmware release 6.0 can now decrypt HTTPS traffic encrypted with SSL when deployed in forward proxy mode. This provides added monitoring for social media networks that encrypt user sessions. I am very excited by this release. As a vendor that offers both web security and message archiving solutions, we are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive solution to the social media challenge. You can learn more about the Barracuda Web Filter at or speak to one of our product specialists at 1 (408) 342 5400.

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