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Virtual Machine Backup with the Barracuda Backup Service

Posted by: Andy Jensen, product manager 

As a member of the Product Management team at Barracuda Networks, I get to spend some of my time on the road meeting our partners and assisting them with co-sponsored events.  In February, I did four of the dates on Barracuda’s Velocity Tour and was able to present Barracuda Backup to over 200 people during that trip.  One of the great things about getting in front of so many potential customers is that we get a bunch of direct feedback about our products, what customers like, and what they would like to see in the future. Of course, we always like to go prepared with a few seed questions to get people thinking. One of the questions I asked on this last trip was about Virtualization.

Andy:  “How many of you have introduced virtualization to your environment or plan to in the future?” All hands go up.

Andy:  “How many of you have no physical servers remaining in your environment?” All hands go down. 

Of the 200 people I asked this question, one hand did remain in air indicating his entire environment had been virtualized.  The rest had physical servers that they needed to back up. 

This kind of evidence confirms our suspicion that the vast majority of the market wants to, or needs to, address both physical and virtual backups.  Customers will be served best by one product that can protect both physical and virtual environments rather than by piecemealing a solution together.

Introducing Barracuda Backup Server v4.2 with VMware Support

Barracuda Backup has supported Microsoft Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008 r2 since releasing the Barracuda Backup Agent in firmware version 3.0.  Until now, we have asked customers who want to backup VMware sources to do so the same way they back up their physical machines.  Typically this would involve installing the agent on each guest machine.  While this approach provides granular backups of guest machines, it does not provide a comprehensive way to back up an ESX/ESXi virtual machine image. With firmware version 4.2 of the Barracuda Backup Server  now available, we introduce VMware host support which will allow backup and restore of all guest VM’s. 

The Backup Server communicates through the vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) and exposes all sources on a vSphere host for backup. Additionally, multiple vSphere hosts can be accessed through the vCenter Server product. 

The solution currently requires at a minimum access to the vSphere Data Protection API which is included with the VMware Essentials license.

Supported VMware Product Versions: VMware ESX 4.0.x, 4.1.x VMware ESXi 4.0.x , 4.1.x (embedded or installable) VMware ESXi 5.0.x VMware vCenter Server 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 5.0.x

This upgrade will give our customers a quicker and more efficient way to recover their virtual servers, and will provide deduplicated images, which can be transferred offsite for comprehensive disaster recovery. For questions about the Barracuda Backup Service, please visit or call Barracuda Networks for a free 30-day evaluation at 1-888-ANTI-SPAM or 1-408-342-5400.

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