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The Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Plug-in Deployment

Posted By:  Aseem Asthana, Cain Random, and Kevin Sheu The installation of the Microsoft Outlook Add-In is a straightforward configuration for your organization.  The following are the preliminary steps for deploying your Add-In.
  1. Download the Outlook Add-In Deployment Kit from Users > Client Configuration in your Barracuda Message Archiver.
  2. Extract the contents somewhere easily accessible. It should contain:
    1. Installer for the add-in for Outlook 2010 64-bit
    2. Installer for the add-in for all other versions of Outlook
    3. The administrator module for the add-in
    4. A copy of the full deployment guide
  3. Move (or copy) the Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-In 3.0.adm file to your local %systemroot%\inf, directory. Typically, this will be: c:\winnt\inf
  4. Copy the .msi file(s) to a location that is accessible by your users.
  5. Open the GPO Editor for the organization that will be using the add-in (e.g. the default domain policy).
  6. Either edit the default policy or create a new policy object, then link it to the desired container; for example, the particular OU containing the computers on which the add-in will be installed.
  7. Expand “Machine Configurations” and right-click on “Administrative Templates”, select “All Tasks”, then “Add/Remove Templates”.
  8. Navigate to %systemroot%\inf, select Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-In 3.0.adm, and press “Add…”.
At this point, the preliminary setup is complete.  The next steps will simply be to configure the Add-In and deploy the MSI file, both of which can be configured through the GPO Editor.  The directions are available as part of the installation kit that in step 2. If you should have any questions about the configurations for your Barracuda Message Archiver, our technical support services would be more than happy to speak with you at (408) 342-5300.

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