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Introducing Two Factor Authentication Support with SMS Passcode

Posted by: Mark Shanley, product manager The Barracuda NG Firewall now supports SMS Passcode's advanced two-factor authentication for the Barracuda NG Firewall Network Access Client VPN authentication feature set. Recent high profile exploits have displayed a weakness in more traditional based authentication methods such as one-time-password tokens. A brief history will make today’s needs completely clear: In the early days of the Internet a username and password were enough. Hackers would often use “Brute force methods” to gain access and many passwords could be guessed or calculated using password generators. Later, as computer viruses evolved along with malware or Trojans, key loggers became popular with hackers. A key logger runs in a computers background service unknown to the user and would capture all the users’ key strokes, ultimately sending that information to the hacker. Today, in a far more advanced threatscape, relying solely on password based authentication is just not enough for many organizations. Small, medium and enterprise companies all have similar security needs including increased security, an affordable infrastructure, fault tolerance and management. • Increased Security to counter the constantly evolving attacks that are carried out daily on the Internet, compromising a company’s security. • An affordable infrastructure requires a product that can integrate easily into the current network. • A Fault Tolerance system helps maintain real-time delivery of an authentication code.  Other requirements include A redundancy and the ability to support multiple devices. • Management means that a robust system that can be integrated with an existing user management infrastructure. Barracuda Networks has achieved this by supporting the mobile scheme of SMS Passcode. The Barracuda NG Firewall is the gateway to a company’s network and an appliance that is relied upon by a company’s most senior management to protect its assets. The Barracuda NG Firewall interacts with many devices to provide remote access, a must-have in today’s workforce. The Barracuda NG Firewall has worked well with company’s internal user management systems in the past; however, we are happy to announce an added security measure utilizing a new level of challenge and session based login. This includes: • A more secure login process that is tied to and generated based upon a successful user challenge validation (ID and password match) making it useful only to that specific login. The one time passcode is then sent to a user’s cellular telephone, or an e-mail when phone service is not available. • There is also easy one-click integration with Active Directory, a widely utilized user control database amongst today’s companies. Also there is a service in the cloud option. • Lower cost than more traditional options Barracuda Networks and SMS Passcode share a common view of providing products that are reliable, easy to use, with a low cost of ownership and provide superior security features that protect the modern, global businesses against future world attacks. You can find a quick how it works video here For more information on SMS Passcode click here

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