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Backup and Archiving Solutions: Similar but Different

Posted by:  Aseem Asthana and Kevin Sheu As companies begin to explore options for archiving their email content, a common mistake is to use backup solutions for archiving purposes.  Unfortunately, this is not effective, and is the reason why Barracuda Networks offers separate products for each scenario.  Each is distinctly designed its for separate purpose, and should be deployed accordingly, to protect your organization from undue risk. Backup solutions like the Barracuda Backup Service are designed to provide a point-in-time snapshot of your data.  It is a  fantastic option, especially in disaster recovery scenarios;  however, an archiving solution has separate requirements: It requires storage of all content. Often with backup solutions, the deletion of content from the original source also deletes the content from the backup solution.  In litigation support and regulatory compliance scenarios, organizations risk being non-compliant.  For active users, not readily having access to content renders a separate storage device moot. It requires faster search and access to data. The access to content on backup solutions often requires a protracted amount of time.  Those who have had to recover data from backup products can attest to the extended time necessary to bring an older snapshot back online, which is fine in a disaster recovery environment. However, for archiving purposes, this time requirement is unacceptable for many litigation support / regulatory compliance scenarios and is practically unusable as an active storage device for day-to-day users. It is for that reason that archiving solutions like the Barracuda Message Archiver provide the capability needed by organizations facing storage management, litigation support, or regulatory compliance requirements.  It is designed for long retention to store all email content that has been received or sent.  Further, it is designed with an indexing function to enable quick search and retrieval of data. For questions about the Barracuda Message Archiver, please visit or for a free 30-day evaluation, call Barracuda Networks at 1-888-ANTI-SPAM or +1 408-342-5400. If you are looking for a backup solution, please consider the Barracuda Backup Service. For more information please visit : For more information on our other security and productivity solutions, please visit

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