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Web application security, simplified:
Barracuda CloudGen WAF-as-a-Service - dive-in

Barracuda’s most popular solution for AWS is also available in an easily-consumed Software-as-a-Service format. Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service runs in the public cloud and takes advantage of local cloud regions to maintain data residency, resiliency, and performance. Better still, WAF-as-a-Service is pre-configured with a standard rule-set that applies to most situations, so you can deploy WAF-as-a-Service with just a few clicks.

Because WAF-as-a-Service is based on Barracuda’s popular WAF code base, it includes the same capability to modify, augment, and apply different rule-sets for specific customer and application requirements. It retains the Barracuda WAF reverse-proxy architecture so traffic is inspected in both directions, meaning data loss can be detected and prevented in outgoing traffic.

The service also includes comprehensive application DDoS protection along with strong authentication and access control capabilities for restricting access to sensitive applications and data. Optional Advanced Bot Protection also protects your network against today’s most sophisticated and evasive “low-and-slow” bots, with minimal impact on legitimate human traffic.

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