Barracuda Solutions for Amazon Web Services

Secure your cloud deployment with AWS ‘featured’ solutions and services.

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Barracuda solutions for AWS are offered in a range of licensing choices, so you can mimic your AWS deployment, or combine PAYG and BYOL licenses to fine-tune software costs for dynamic environments.


Bring Your Own License

Bring-your-own-License, offered on an annual or multi-year basis, is for solutions which you want deployed 24x7 and offers the most cost-effective licensing.



Pay-as-you-Go, where you are billed directly by AWS based on the number of hours you have run the deployed solution on AWS; this is a preferred solution for configurations like auto-scaling clusters where the number of deployed solutions will automatically scale up or down depending on workload.


Metered Billing

Metered billing is consumption-based, much like a utility bill, where you pay for only what you’ve used. Metering can be item or volume-based; for example, Cloud Security Guardian is licensed on a per-resource protected basis.



Software-as-a-Service licenses allow organizations to deploy fully-managed security solutions without configuring VPCs; they can be ideal for organizations with limited resources or those who want the vendor to manage the solution.

BYOL License PAYG License Metered License SaaS License
CloudGen Firewall for AWS
CloudGen WAF for AWS
WAF-as-a-Service (50 Mbps)
Email Security Gateway for AWS
Message Archiver for AWS
Barracuda Cloud Message Archiver
Cloud Security Guardian