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Barracuda provides effective backup and recovery solutions that support both VMware environments and physical environments. Let’s take a look at why this is necessary and how it works.

Protecting virtual environments that run alongside legacy physical environments presents challenges—keeping systems, applications, and data across all different environments up and running, even in the event of a disaster. Busy IT administrators need a simple solution to achieve this.

Barracuda Backup is an all-in-one data protection solution that seamlessly protects both physical and virtual environments. With software, storage, and offsite replication integrated into an easy to deploy appliance, Barracuda Backup is the perfect solution for organizations adopting VMware.



Instant Recovery of Virtual Environments

When disaster strikes – be it human, hardware, or natural, IT administrators are under the gun to get the systems, applications, and data back up and running so users can be brought from zero to productivity in as little time as possible.

LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot for VMware help minimize downtime with the ability to boot VMware virtual machines within minutes in the event of failure. If local primary storage fails, Barracuda Backup can act as storage and get those virtual machines up and running rapidly. If a site disaster occurs, Barracuda Backup can boot the virtual machines entirely from Barracuda Cloud Storage.


Email Archiving with VMware

Barracuda Message Archiver Vx

Accessing, storing, and retaining email for long periods of time are critical requirements for any organization, but are often quite challenging for IT. Barracuda Message Archiver Vx enhances user productivity and reduces cost and risk by simplifying user access, email management, eDiscovery and compliance. Delivered as a virtual appliance, you can deploy the Barracuda Message Archiver into your VMware environment without requiring additional hardware. Barracuda Message Archiver Vx is ideal for organizations looking to reduce their email storage requirements and boost user productivity with mobile or desktop access to any email ever sent or received. The cloud-connected virtual appliance uses the optional Barracuda Cloud subscription to move information to the cloud for disaster recovery or as a secondary tier of storage reducing storage requirements from your hypervisor.



Granular File and Folder Recovery

With traditional backup solutions and depending on how large system images are, Virtual Machine Disks (VMDKs) can take hours or even days to mount and restore. This greatly hinders the productivity of users that need instant access to data on downed virtual machines.

Barracuda LiveBrowse for VMware enables granular recovery of files and folders without the need to mount the entire VMDK. Important data can be rapidly restored within minutes, bringing users from zero to productivity in as little time as possible.


Barracuda Cloud Control

Finally, you can facilitate various types of environments (pure virtual, physical-virtual hybrid) and manage it all from one management console. Barracuda Cloud Control offers a single-pane-of-glass interface that controls its physical, virtual, and cloud-based services. You can check the health of all connected devices, run reports that are generated by gathering data from all devices, assign roles with varied permissions to different types of users, and much more.

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