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VMware Solutions

Virtualization has changed the way IT administrators build their infrastructure by enabling multiple systems and applications to co-exist on a single server. With rapid deployments and performance increases, it is no surprise that most organizations are making the shift to virtualization.

As organizations move to a virtualized infrastructure, it’s smart to consider how to leverage virtualization, ultimately improving security as well. There are a number of security benefits to be derived from virtualizing an organization’s IT infrastructure.

  • Faster recovery after an attack
  • Better forensic visibility of the attack
  • Security updates are easier to manage
  • More cost effective and scalable than operating physical appliances

While the benefits of virtualization are many, new attack surfaces present themselves as companies build their own private clouds. Organizations that are virtualizing network resources such as desktop environments, mail infrastructures, and web applications should also proactively strategize how to secure the components being virtualized, as well as the infrastructure itself.

Barracuda has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to provide security and protect against all network threat vectors for VMware environments.

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