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Prepare your data, and prepare your network

Preparing to migrate to Office 365 is a major project that affects the entire corporate network, so most customers begin with Exchange online. Before migrating to Exchange online, customers need to locate and identify all their legacy email and develop a strategy that will allow online users to access them once in the cloud. Simply migrating everything is time-consuming and counterproductive since much of this legacy information won’t be accessed again.

Relying on cloud-based applications like Office 365 highlights the importance of having reliable internet connectivity for today’s organizations. However, many organizations still overlook the impact of Office 365 on their overall network infrastructure.

Prepare your Data


A better strategy is to identify all legacy email and determine what gets migrated and what gets kept in an Office365-friendly environment before actually migrating. That way, only small, active mail items get migrated while users still have access before, during, and after to any legacy data they may wish to retrieve.

A significant step in this process is trying to locate countless PST files that tend to be scattered throughout the enterprise and migrate these legacy emails so they are accessible to cloud users. Barracuda’s PST Enterprise and Message Archiver product give you an easy solution to the problem.



Eliminate PST Files with PST Enterprise

Barracuda PST Enterprise will discover PST files on network servers and end user systems without any end user intervention. It doesn’t even require a client installation. Organizations can migrate PST data directly to Office 365 online archives, or they can migrate PST data directly to Message Archiver.

Deploying PST Enterprise during the Prepare phase can reduce risk and make migration to Office 365 more manageable. PST Enterprise can find, collect, centralize and prioritizes the email contained within PST files, and deploy policies to only move the data that you need. Finally, it will delete PST files upon successful migration eliminating future concerns over stores of legacy email data hidden in PST files.


Manage legacy email data with Barracuda Message Archiver

The Barracuda Message Archiver allows you to move rarely-accessed legacy email data to an Office365-compatible archive, along with identified PST files, so that you only migrate small active mailboxes to the cloud, and Message Archiver remains seamlessly linked to Office 365 after you have migrated.

With the Message Archiver, users can continue to access their mailboxes before, during and after the Office 365 migration. There is even a mobile app to allow mobile users to access all of their emails without connecting to Office 365.

The Barracuda Message Archiver gives you the peace of mind of dedicated storage for all of your Office 365 and PST file emails. The Message Archiver compresses and de-duplicates email data so your archives will use a fraction of the space they currently require on your Exchange servers and can be accessed more quickly. The Message Archiver can be deployed as a plug-and-play appliance, on a virtual machine or in public clouds including Microsoft Azure.

It can be a logistical challenge to migrate legacy email within a reasonable timeframe without adversely affecting day-to-day operations. By preparing for Office 365 by moving legacy email into an archive and eliminating PST files first, the migration to Office 365 is speeded-up and risk is reduced.

Prepare your network

Two critical requirements arise as companies migrate their users into SaaS solutions like Office 365:

  • Backhauling web traffic through a central firewall addresses network security issues at the expense of availability, and in many cases won’t provide the necessary high-availability access which Office 365 requires.
  • Business critical applications like Office 365 now compete with other services for internet availability, and streaming services can rob networks of critical bandwidth needed for Office 365.

These requirements emphasize the changing role of network gateway devices. Today’s firewalls must do more than just protect the network perimeter. They must also optimize internet connectivity in highly dispersed environments, while reducing operational overhead with effective policy orchestration and centralized management capabilities.

Barracuda Next Generation Firewalls maintain high quality of service

Barracuda’s Next Generation Firewalls ensure a high quality of service for email and other productivity apps by prioritizing and link-balancing business-critical traffic. Granular control and visibility into application usage and user activity helps administrators create optimal traffic-shaping policies that are most appropriate for their organization and network infrastructure. This is critical as mobile devices, social networks, rich streaming content have caused an enormous increase in non-business network traffic, causing performance degradation in business-critical applications like Office 365.

Furthermore, dynamic link balancing tools allow organizations to take advantage of all the internet capacity and uplinks that an organization pays for. It ensures that cloud-based resources such as Office 365 are always available even if a primary uplink is severed.

Barracuda Makes It Easy to Manage Highly Dispersed Networks

For many organizations, it was commonplace to ‘backhaul’ network traffic to a central location (typically the headquarters location or primary data center). After all, most of their network resources, such as their email infrastructure, were hosted on-premises. Today, as organizations consume more SaaS applications, expand their geographic presence, and tailor to the demands of a 24x7 mobile workforce, the traditional hub-and-spoke network architecture has quickly become outdated. Network traffic patterns have drastically changed.

To accommodate this, modern distributed organizations are implementing local breakouts to provide direct internet access to cloud-based applications such as Office 365. This generally means deploying a network gateway at each location to maintain the same security posture.

Barracuda next-generation Firewalls easily allow administrators to orchestrate network security policies across multiple firewalls simultaneously. Whether it’s setting up site-to-site VPN tunnels, traffic throttling policies, and general troubleshooting, Barracuda’s single-pane-of-glass management tools dramatically improve the operational efficiencies of distributed firewall deployments with:

  • pre-configured templates for easy rollout
  • information about the enterprise security deployment available in real time
  • consolidated reporting of multiple Barracuda next-generation Firewalls


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