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Barracuda acquires PhishLine

Acquisition expands email protection capabilities with security awareness training and phishing simulation.
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Cloud Generation Firewalls

Sicherheit, Erreichbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit für Netzwerke und Applikationen mit Cloud-Anbindung
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Don't Fall Victim to
Spear Phishing

Barracuda Sentinel Uses Real-Time Messaging Intelligence with Zero Impact on Network Performance.
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Vollständiger Schutz Ihrer

Security-, Backup- und Archivierungslösungen für Office 365.
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Ransomware ist aktuell für Unternehmen die Cyberbedrohung Nummer 1.

Barracuda bietet eine umfassende Lösung gegen Ransomware und gewährleistet, dass Sienicht zum Opfer werden.

Schutz vor WannaCry

Keine Chance für Datenverlust

Vollständiger Schutz und Wiederherstellung von Daten in physischen, virtuellen und Public-Cloud-Umgebungen.Mehr darüber

Comprehensive Protection of Your Employees, Data, and Business

Email Protection

Most cyber-attacks start with a targeted email leading to significant financial damage and data loss. Barracuda protects all aspects of your email infrastructure to protect users, data and your brand.

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Network and Application Security

Today’s cloud-connected organizations challenge traditional security architectures. Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewalls protect your distributed networks and web applications helping you safely adopt the cloud.

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Data Protection

Even with the best security, accidents can happen and data can be lost. Barracuda provides cloud-connected protection of data wherever it resides, making disaster recovery fast and easy.

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Today's Barracuda Cyber-Security Threat Level:



Barracuda analyzes threat intelligence data from millions of collections points worldwide to provide real time advanced threat protection for email, networks and websites .

Barracuda Security Insight

News and Events

Barracuda Introduces Innovative Approach to Measure Resistance to Phishing Attacks

Apr 17, 2018

Continuing momentum with its recent PhishLine acquisition, Barracuda introduces an innovative way to measure the ability of users to resist phishing attacks.

Research Highlights the Importance of Cloud-Specific Security Capabilities

Mar 22, 2018

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a provider of cloud-enabled security and data protection solutions, today released “Firewalls and the Cloud,” a survey of IT professionals responsible for cloud environments.

Email: Effective Security for Your Number-One Threat Vector

Apr 24, 2018

Just for K-12 IT Pros: Join Barracuda for a pair of all-new webinars to get the latest insights on cyber threats to your networks—and how to stop them.

Webinar #1: Email: Effective Security for Your Number-One Threat Vector

Thinking Unconventionally — Four Steps to Mitigate Risk

Mar 14, 2018

A conventional approach to security typically refers to “keeping the bad stuff out” of your network, meaning blocking malicious content and other attacks like DDoS. However, true security requires companies to proactively evaluate security posture and focus on risk mitigation.

EMEA backup and disaster recovery: A fragmented picture

Mar 07, 2018

Barracuda recently conducted a survey of its European customers to gather insights on backup and disaster recovery strategies and on the achievement of state-of-the-art recovery point and recovery time objectives. This blog post explores some surprising results.

Secure SD-WAN for Distributed Organizations

Apr 25, 2018

Our SD-WAN specialist Darius Goodall will spell out the challenges of securing distributed enterprise networks in the cloud era—and he’ll show you how the right SD-WAN capabilities can simplify and optimize your network, boost security, improve uptime, and drive dramatic bottom-line savings.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get all your questions answered about a truly comprehensive SD-WAN solution for your distributed enterprise.

Barracuda Security Insight Platform Reveals Highly Weaponized File Types

Feb 15, 2018

Barracuda Security Insight is a new advisory platform offering detailed real-time threat intelligence and security risk information to help consumers and IT professionals remain aware of current global threat levels.

Secure Your Web and Chromebook Users

Apr 25, 2018

Just for K-12 IT Pros: Join Barracuda for a pair of all-new webinars to get the latest insights on cyber threats to your networks—and how to stop them.

Webinar #2: Secure Your Web and Chromebook Users

Firewalls and the Cloud: Understand Top Security Concerns and How to Address Them

Apr 26, 2018

Find out what hundreds of your IT colleagues are saying about security in cloud environments.

Get your copy of “Firewalls and the Cloud” by attending the in-depth webinar led by Barracuda cloud security expert Darius Goodall. The survey explores many of the security challenges of modern cloud deployments.

Don’t miss out! Get your full copy of the survey results.

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Deploy Any Way You Like

  • We Make It Simple
  • On-Premises
  • Public Cloud
  • SaaS

In today's modern envrionments, data and applications can be hosted on-premises, across multiple locations, and in the cloud. We designed our security solutions for distributed networks. You have the flexibility to deploy our solutions on-premises, across multiple locations, and in the cloud - without sacrificing functionality or ease of use. All our solutions are managed from a centralized, web-based console.

  • Deploy on premises as plug-and-play appliances or virtual machines
  • Manage multiple locations, remote users, and IoT-connected devices
  • Deploy security applications in the cloud

Barracuda’s broad range of security and data protection appliances can be deployed in physical and virtual network environments of any size including:

  • Small offices, satellite, and branch locations
  • Headquarters
  • Large data centers
  • IoT-connected devices and dispersed networks

Barracuda appliances offer simple, plug-and-play deployment. True centralized management makes them well-suited for hybrid environments where they can be seamlessly combined with SaaS and public cloud deployments.

Barracuda’s Cloud Generation network and application security solutions are purpose-built for public -cloud infrastructures including a Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform. They provide no-compromise cloud security whether you are deploying new applications, migrating legacy workloads, or managing a hybrid environment.

  • Cloud-friendly consumption options (Pay-As-You-Go, Metered Billing, Bring Your Own License)
  • Can be deployed from cloud marketplaces
  • Support cloud best practices with integration with cloud platform services
  • Provide API frameworks for automatic orchestration and management

Barracuda SaaS solutions vastly simplify deployments without compromising on security. They leverage the same powerful technologies available for on-premises deployments and deliver them as scalable cloud services that be provisioned with a few clicks.

Barracuda SaaS solutions help you:

  • Safely migrate to Office 365
  • Protect users from targeted spear phishing attacks
  • Archive emails and data for compliance
  • Protect your website and web applications

Experience the Industry's Best Support

24-Hour Support With No Phone Queues!

Learn why over 90% of Barracuda customers renew their products every year. Out products are designed to be used and managed with minimal I.T. time.

SC Magazine has named Barracuda this year's Industry Excellence Award Winner for Best Customer Service in the U.S. and Europe. Your time is valuable, which is why we don't make you wait in phone queues, and we don't outsource support to third-party call centers.

Call us 24/7 at +1 866 322 5902 to speak to a Barracuda support consultant.

Barracuda has received top customer service awards for the past 8 years

Über 150.000 Unternehmen verlassen sich beim Schutz ihrer geschäftskritischen Daten auf Barracuda.
Barracuda customers
Der Advanced Delivery Controller geht über einfaches Server-Loadbalancing hinaus und beschleunigt die Applikationen durch Content-Routing, HTTP-Caching, Datenkomprimierung und SSL Offloading.Schützen Sie Ihre Daten in physischen, virtuellen und SaaS-Umgebungen mit der hybriden (Physisch/Cloud) Backup- und Disaster-Recovery-Lösung von Barracuda.Ein einfach bereitzustellender gehosteter Dienst für die Archivierung sensibler E-Mails aus Exchange und Office 365.Nutzen Sie intelligente cloud-basierte Videoüberwachung in Ihrem Büro, in der Schule oder an Einzelhandelsstandorten. Die Videos werden in der Barracuda Cloud sicher archiviert .Schutz für die Investition in Office 365 mit diesem Bundle aus fortschrittlichster E-Mail-Security, Archivierung/Complaince und Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.Ermöglicht Cloud-Generation Firewalling auch für Klein- und Kleinstbetriebe, die schnell und einfach das Netzwerk schützen wollen.Safely retain, archive and search emails in order to meet email compliance requirements and reduce email storage.Verbessert die Leistungsfähigkeit, Verfügbarkeit und Sicherheit in grossen, verteilten Netzwerken - egal ob vorort oder in der Cloud.Einfache und skalierbare Security für das Internet der Dinge, wie bespielsweise Remote-Geräte, Verkaufsterminals, Geldautomaten…A user-friendly IP phone system that installs as a simple network appliance. Supports most standard handsets, multiple locations and mobile users.Extremely high throughput layer 4 load balancing that can support thousands of backend servers at disruptive pricing.Preisgekrönter Spam-Schutz und umfassende E-Mail-Security als Hardware oder virtuelle Appliance.Mit dem Top-bewerteten eSignature-System der Branche beschleunigen Sie die Bearbeitung von Dokumenten und schließen Sie Vertäge schneller ab. Sammeln Sie rechtlich verbindliche Unterschriften von jedem Gerät aus.Einfach zu bedienender, sicherer Netzwerk-Zugriff von Aussen, ohne dass zusätzliche Software auf den Endgeräten installiert werden muss.Gewährleistung der Internet-Verfügbarkeit und des Quality of Service (QoS), auch während eines ISP Ausfalls, durch dynamische Verteileung des Datenverkehrs auf mehrere ISP-Verbindungen.Schützt Ihre Webseite und Web-Applikationen vor Datenlecks, Vandalismus, DoS Angriffen und tausender anderer Cyberbedrohungen.Barracuda's Web Security Gateway als cloud-gehosteter Service. Überwacht Netzwerk- und User-Aktivitäten und schützt die User vor nicht sicheren Webseiten - innerhalb und ausserhalb des Netzwerks.Befreit Web-Browsing von Gefahren durch Malware, Spyware und Viren. Schützt gegen Bandbreitenmissbrauch und managed Datenverkehr und - zugriff durch Einsatz einer leistungsstarken Policy- und Reporting-Engine.Vollständiges Informationsmanagement, Aufbewahrung von E-Mails und Compliance-Software, skalierbar für Zehntausende Postfächer über mehrere Exchange-Server.Beschleunigen Sie die Migration zu einem zentralen Mail-Archiv oder Office 365 durch automatisches suchen und eliminieren von PST-Dateien im gesamten Unternehmen.Komplett gehostete E-Mail-Security-Lösung für Office 365 aber auch für lokale Mail-Server. Inklusive E-Mail-Verschlüsselung, Advanced Threat Detection und E-Mail-FilteringEinfache und skalierbare Backup-Software für das Management von Backup-Laufwerken und Tapes.